Building Peace, Healing Our Selves and the Earth

Despite the news regularly bringing depressing details of difficult times, Reiki Home, in collaboration with Initiatives of Change, Creators of Peace, and the Trinidad & Tobago Indigenous People is intent on showing that all is not lost. To do this, the groups will come together to host a Peace conference in T&T from January12 to 16, at Alicia’s Palace, Cascade.

The conference will focus on Building Peace, Healing Ourselves, and Healing the Earth. The goal is to bring together people who are making a difference around the world to facilitate an exchange of ideas, to showcase good practices globally and locally, and to build on positive trends.

Speaking on behalf of Reiki Home, Rosina Wiltshire, one of the pioneers of the event, explained that the Conference came about as a means to remind us that each one of us can make a  difference and many are already showing the way.

Wiltshire, a former United Nations Resident Representative explained that Countries around the globe have agreed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consisting of 17 goals which include: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the wellbeing of all people, Protecting and caring for the earth, and Promoting peaceful, just societies.

“The expressed commitment to, and focus on, these interconnected goals is timely. Individuals, organizations and governments are taking positive actions that are having a noticeable impact. These initiatives represent models of positive change to be shared and replicated globally,” said Wiltshire.

The Conference will feature prominent local individuals and organizations such as Bishop Clyde Harvey, known for his passion in making the religious message live in our everyday practice of humility, justice and Loving Kindness, The T&T Chamber of Commerce’s Jumpstart Program, the Arts and Technology Youth program and University of the West Indies representatives Roberta Clarke  and Gabrielle Hosein, who will focus on gender and peace.

Initiatives to be focused on include:

• innovative business practices

• restorative justice initiatives

• community peace building

• health and peace educational innovations

• wellbeing initiatives

• good practices in sustainable development and care of the earth.

There will also be workshops and presentations showcasing examples youth making a difference, communities and nations which demonstrate that innovation, courage, vision, and action can produce astonishing results to make our world a better place.

Reiki Home invites the T&T public to come and enjoy not just the wealth of knowledge which will be shared, but activities such as dance, tai chi and reiki throughout the five days of the conference.

More information can be found at, email or call 351-8532.

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